What can your scissors do?

I didn’t know itanipata hivi, I mean caught unawares.

I’ve missed a cat …. I forgot my log in details plus other accidents

He said, you know what dear , “I think everything happens for a reason, imagine I’ve been standing at that petrol station for 30 minutes ningekuwa nishafika”. The uber driver was meant to pick me up at 6.00 am so that I could catch up with the bus to depart at 7.00am. He however arrived at 6.40 because 30 minutes earlier he incurred a flat tire he spent 30 minutes repairing 10 minutes driving. We didn’t call for another uber. I woke late anyway.

I was not talking the whole time , not boredom, I am not good at starting conversations. So all I learnt in that uber was that God might have wanted to protect me from a worse encounter by delaying the driver and that is why we probably did not think of calling for another one plus I woke up late remember.

So about today, my shawl got stuck in a motorbike nyororo . I have no idea what it’s called in English. I’m very dirty as we’re talking right now but I don’t care, I’m safe safe. He was right everything happens for a reason. I don’t know why this happened either but I think it’s so that I could find a story to write. Now read.

Kabibi had to appear in one of my stories, may be she deserves to. Her Hijab also got stuck in a motorbike nyororo. She’s sweet very sweet, I like it when I meet sweet kids like her, she’s Kibibi, I call her Kabibi for reasons I don’t know , she smiles at it and mumbles words I can’t hear probably something like ” ona huyu sasa venye ananiita ” then giggles alafu anatembelea kando ya Barabara. Aaaah she makes me happy she doesn’t know that. Kids shower so much life in me and when I heard her face is disoriented right now I feel bad I’m scared . I haven’t seen her and she doesn’t know I know she got hurt or even the fact that she makes me really happy. I won’t be meeting her along the way for sometime now. That hurts .

The motorbike that has just taken me to town was going to pick Kabibi from hospital. When my shawl got stuck in his motorbike, I recalled Kabibi. I’ve delayed him for like 30 minutes trying to remove the stuck shawl.

My scissors will come in . I think they are way humane than all the people I’ve met today. Thank you Scissors. By the way, I make bracelets pretty ones and that’s how my pair of scissors came in handy, to cut up the stuck shawl. They literally saved us from human laughter. My shawl must have started sticking itself in the motorbike for a very long time until there was nothing to be eaten is when I realized we were going to fall really bad. We weren’t riding at high speed or something . I want to make a conclusion that someone must have seen Kabibi’s shawl getting stuck , did they just watch ? Couldn’t they do something ? Was her life hers alone ? And that other kid on her laps? Couldn’t they think about him. No one told me about my shawl. My life and my biker’ s were solely in the hands of the creator. I think that’s it.

I’m just saying be more humane. If not always carry something that could save your life when no human can. I’m confused, I forgot my password I wasn’t able to do my CAT. It’s done now. It’s okay.

Relax . My life. I have a chance to live today. That is enough. No pressure.

Bundiiiiii… your birthday is why the first sentence exists.

Happy birthday!

From your biggest fun😂😂

Hold your shawls, hijabs or lesos nicely if you’re taking a motorbike. These upcountry bikers are quite speedy except the one who carried me today.

Take care ❤


We all crave for an escape.

We all don’t want to believe

That shit is happening around us

We look forward to something better

We rub off what’s eating us up

Yet we’ll never reach better

If we overlook the fact

That we’re burning

A barren woman,

Will smile

Yes she will

It’s good for her.

Good for you.

Good for a little life.

Six months of prenatal hospital visits

Not pregnant in the end

Is hilarious

I mean painful

She won’t take that

Will she ?

All these stories were an escape

Whatever I’m scribbling

It’s an escape

Just escape

The work of a keyboard.

Yet I still can’t write it.

Still escaping.

May be that’s it.






Take care❤

P.s I love grannys 😅

It’s not a poem

I saw a black_ white patched cat

A week ago.

It ran away, just like that.

I also light the fire.

This place is cold, 12_17⁰c

It takes an hour or so

Sitting at that fireplace

Lighting, the damn fire.

Dump firewood it is.

Plus it’s nothing.

Nothing at all.

I want to tell you something though

This is a conversation between me and Nover.

You just happened to eavesdrop

So let’s say you are also talking to that friend who understands your

“Moshene” yes mosheneee. Is that what we call it? In my country in yours it could be backbiting or médisance in the language I’m still learning.

My sentences are becoming longer and I’m freaked out but ,never mind, I did not listen to that Moshene of yours , because there wasn’t any so sorry. Let me just tell you myself may be you would like to hear this too. It was actually a text, unless you’re a hacker.

Nover, did I tell you the security guard on the hostel gate said he’d cut it ?

Thank goodness we are out of school now” I’d be scared” everytime I went out of school.

Oh I meant the hair on my chin,, it’s grown now.

Aaaaa….. it’s kinda gotten hold of attention for some days now

Like a barren lady who’s always thinking about having a baby almost all the time

But you can’t see it right, they walk in tears those ladies…. I’ve never really met one. Plus I know my comparison to them is deep and very different. That is just another type of pain.

There’s this day, ‘ Bashow ‘my roommate came from her clinicals, she’s a clinical medicine student. She was then doing her ward rounds in maternity wards or what are they medically called? I don’t know. She said ,” There’s this lady who’s been pregnant for six months. She came for her check up today, she’s not pregnant. ” What? not pregnant?. Is that full stop supposed to be there ? ” Yeah we did an ultrasound, it was empty plus she didn’t believe she walked away just like nothing had happened” . But how is that possible? I ask. ” It’s called HL . We’ve been learning about it”. Jizz I just googled it is called Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the H must be a person with good or bad intentions.

I didn’t text nover all that, mostly I keep it short. It looks neat that way.

Nover… I’m a little worried

Just a little.

But I’m cool.

The end.

Noveeeerr,, Are you well?


I don’t know what she said because I haven’t texted her yet plus I won’t. She might read this too.

But I’ll tell her something.

Remember the firewood photo I sent you

I stay a whole hour lighting them

Even the small ones burn out before

It’s hectic

But there’s this cute cat I saw

While looking for the small ones. It ran away.

They all do. Insecure right?

I never really wanted to harm it

It had white_black patches

I know you love dogs

By the way how does Tisa ( Nine)have 9 wives ? You mean you have 10 dogs?

It’s freezing here.

It’s not cold.

Now you know why.

Take care❤

Photopharmacy or pharmagraphia

Not English words…May be mine just personal . Come to think of it who says whether it’s English or not? Father of grammar or mother?. I think we can all just create words..like whoever named me Claudine from Claustrophobia 😢😢 I’m not even that…

There are these two lovely cows I used to herd a few years back, they died. Mary and Maggie were their names. I named Mary my shosh named Maggie which she never explained. They were lovely, productive and very cooperative more like the friends I crave for. Good company died. I was in high school very far away. Found my friends gone. Hurts, does it ?

Gideon, my friend, has a soft spot for expectant mothers. He bows every time he encounters one. His heart skips a bit. I really want to see him do that one day🥺🥺 for my Lucky or Gift😅. You wish too right? I’m trying to find words to fill up this paragraph , something like how do you explain a guy who approaches your expectant self to honor your motherhood ? Do guys do this?

Remember the old couple I met in Nakuru(Kenya) soaked in my mother tongue ? Those ones too .

I’m photophillic, started on my 20 th birthday, my friends are amazing. A blessing I’m very grateful for. I love you all😊😊. They started it now I’m so obsessed with photography.. I take lots of photos may be you do too I looooove smiling but that’s not it . I imagine myself being a very good photographer not that I am. I’m thinking photography is the best way to tell stories like Mary’s and Maggie’s , how would I prove to you that they actually existed or that my friend Gidi bows for pregnant women ? It’s a mere photo that can change perception open minds , read minds and expose what the small world we live really looks like.

It might be a bit western but I believe it’s amazing to write real stories to give your audience ( readers) to see read and feel your content like the smile on those old couples when I said hi to them in luhya you should have seen it.

Replace photopharmacy with photo economics or whatever you’re doing with your life. I think humans believe more when they see . Like if I told you I would like to become a pharmacist that serves the community and bring smiles to little children you wouldn’t believe until I showed you their smiles. For that I crave to capture the happiest moments of nature, animals , vehicles and humans. I mean both living and non living .

I’ve actually never seen Gidi bowing if ever it happens I’ll take a photo. I’ll write about him. Meanwhile to prove I actually do love smiling here is a photo….And if you love photography keep capturing stories 😊

Take care❤

No Title…

#Masking is very normal

This starts with two strangers, I’ve been thinking about them lately I hope they are safe. Two pretty sisters probably from different mothers or same. I really don’t know and I’m sorry for writing what I don’t know but let me write something about them I wish to know. If I ever meet them I’ll let you know even their names but for now they are just two beautiful sisters. I wish to know that they will always be happy , are they even ? Yeah I actually met one of them , that day she had to call me aunty that was the first time I’ve ever been titled an aunt chills… I’m tiny , not 1GB just tiny I wonder if she believed I could actually make an aunt lol….I didn’t expect to meet her or let alone introduced as an aunt cousin could have done better ju ni mtoto😅😅 angefurahi kuona an elder cousin. I know very little about you two but I wish you all the happiness if we never get to meet.

Then Peshy…she’s 4 , she loves me a lot, I love her . We’re same, tough,introverted extroverts whatever that is unless she changes when she grows older. I know that if there’s someone who’ll unknowingly miss me it’s her. She doesn’t know how to hangout with her sisters she prefers older,tougher and busy like me at that young age. Peshy,,, I’m sorry I wrote this, you can’t even read but you will. Maybe when you’ve learnt to hangout with your agemates then. If I’ll be there I’ll let you read my blog. Meanwhile, I hope this doesn’t affect you so much. I hope you heal fully I want to see you tougher and happier my little love.

Other times,it’s my shosh, and her portrait ,the one I asked a friend to draw for me. My shosh has always wanted a framed photo of her . For some reason my aunts and uncles plus mom have never done that simple wish for her. So when I met my friend and realised he was a great artist so I thought about why not do a pencil portrait from a known friend than a frame from a total stranger?… I’ve not received the portrait yet but if there’s something I’ll hold close for my grandmother it’s that portrait. I hope she gets it I really do from my good friend. Ouh and also the weird letters I’ve written to her when I bought these amazing African cards . I just felt nostalgic when I saw them, I’m thinking that you all have sites or things that remind you of your parents or loved ones . Those ones did remind me of her.So in each one of them I’ve written every memory they correspond with. Hey mama, I’m sorry for writing this too I know that no one will ever love me the way you have not even if I had to give my life for them . You love me just that way. I’m sure that every time you think about losing me you shutter and that is exactly how I feel like my life would end right there but that’s just how life is . I hope you move on . You’ve got to do that for me. I hope you get your portrait as well .

I also think about dad, mom and my siblings. I don’t know when we’ll meet or if it actually won’t happen, it freaks me out every time I think about it like I should escape me for sometime and see you guys . How are you doing without me ? But that should be fate too. Do not feel bad about it, I guess it was never meant to happen but if it does know that I’m looking forward to bonding with each one of you though I still doubt myself. Am I good enough? You’ll answer this if you get to read my blog meanwhile be happy 😊

Lastly this goes to Patricia, the girl I used to kinda stalk back in primary school. The one with a tattered uniform and sad face, may be a kind heart too. I just don’t know why I think about her at times yet I must have lost track of her in class 6 or 7. I hope she’s happier. I’d really want to live if I had to see her ,nothing big but just to tell her that she’s the strongest girl I’ve met before. I’d also want to let her know that I’m here for her I’ll always be.

Hey, a lot of shit up there… but that’s me, I think about death more than my dreams lol. Not that it scares me but because there’s still so much I haven’t done like finding Patricia plus putting up a mother’s home for young mothers remember? … I wonder why…

I’m basically saying love more each day tomorrow is never promised. In memory of my late friend Sandra😊

Take care ❤



‘Nimeenda huko nikauliza mjukuu wangu amenituma kitabu ya walevi….. Nilishangaaa hiyo ni kitabu gani but I’ve been told he’s actually Kenyan.’ Says Kuka. ” Yeah he’s Kenyan I hope they told you it’s not a bad book. If they did he wouldn’t have bought it for me. He’s not strict , he’s very protective. I love him sometimes I call him baba, guka… depending on the person I’m addressing. There’s also papa back home though not who you think I mean grandpa as well.

This has nothing to do with kuka nor the book up there. I’m happy I just finished the book but I’ll reread it… as many times as I can maybe I’ll find the elephant with half a mouth ,Biko must have hidden it somewhere the same way I’ve been thinking about the 5 wheelbarrows. I’m glad kuka bought it thanks to whoever convinced him otherwise I’m happy 😊😊 oh sorry and that photo up there is for my kids just so I don’t get to lose my first hard earned brand new book.


There’s Christ, Chrispinus and Christopher etc. These ones must be the luckiest people to have Christ as the prefix of their names. Everyone asks me about Deloroce I never figure out where it came from but I love it , you probably do too. This one is called Christopher, the gardener to kuka’s home. I really don’t know why I’m writing about him lol…. It’s his kids actually, I do not know them , he talked about them sometime back. ” Kasichana kangu kale ni kerevu,,, kamekuwanga public school lakini saa hii nimekapeleka private school kakotop 5..” He said when I went to cut some sugarcane from the shamba. ” Saa hii nimewandikia mwalimu namlipa 50 Bob per day meaning 100 Bob wote wawili. Nataka aende Alliance kama wewe…” He continued.

He’s a dad of two kids. He talks about them with so much pride. I really want his daughter to go beyond Alliance now. Everytime he comes he reminds me about his daughter and the way he wants her to go to Alliance. I feel happy pace setter or something like that. I want to see his daughter and give her a bracelet like the ones I make so she won’t forget me so she won’t forget her dad’s dream. I hope it comes to pass.


She must be nice right? If you said yes you got it right. I do not know how to cook , maybe I do I just don’t believe in myself with kitchen work…. I get moody at times almost daily but never the whole day no. She’s Ugandan, she speaks swahili… she knows some Luo, kikuyu, luhya and teso. I’ve learnt ‘ ajono’ which is alcohol in iteso from her. I do not know some of those Kenyan languages she happens to know. I’ve also learnt ‘ osivotie jaja’ which must be good morning in Uganda. Moreover nimekula ugali ya ndizi na fish and I’m considering stopping my shosh back home from harvesting maize, bananas are better. She also talks about her late dad almost daily. I enjoy listening to her. She’s happy with a big heart that has fought battles. Whenever I see her I stop being moody because she never is. Shanice is nice.


I do not know how to address these ones. I go out once in a while on my own… There’s these group of guys I’d pass seated along the pathway.. some drinking others sleeping others catching up and few meditating. ” Sasa mrembo, we ni mrembo ” I know it’s usually sarcastic but I say thank you whenever it happens. It might come out wrongly but it still feels good.

I’m saying thank you. Biko Says or is it Larry. “People love it when you remember mundane things about them or about their equally mundane lives, but most importantly, people love to hear their names and know that you didn’t forget them. ” Like Shanice and Chris.

Thanks to these random beautiful encounters.

16,000 and……

mirror fragments on gray surface with the reflection of a person s arm
Photo by Thiago Matos on Pexels.com

Hey…..As I write this I am very ecstatic and sad too. Happy, I just turned 21 years old on the 21st of June. Why happy? I am growing and a lot has changed in my life for the past 21 years. To be honest it has been grace. Sad; 21st of June this year was father’s day. I am starting to think that this day will always show up in my life no matter what after all my birthday lies in the 3rd week of June.

In the past if this happened I would write a letter to my paps and unsend it, I think I still have it. That was a phone call for me, It made me so happy and teary. I wrote letters to someone I have never seen, something like the belief in the unseen God. Yes, I was a bit stupid but I was hurting and asking myself why?. He might or never read them but I am glad I share my birthday once in my life with a special day of the one man I have never met.

I have a soft spot for kids and young mothers, I feel scared of their fate, their future with the same fear I have for mine. I have not healed from being a bustard for 21 years and I do not know when that will happen. I am not fatherless, it is called complicated for most people like me. I imagine how many lives my situation has affected and how many more it is going to affect and I fail to count. It is an extension of my surrounding.

I do not know statistically but individually I will tell you to please take care . Machakos county did not raise an alarm and nothing might never change after 4000 of teenage pregnancies were discovered during this pandemic.  These young boys and girls must have started thinking of their fates. Some ladies denied by their lovers, some forced into marriage to protect a family reputation and not love, some aborted, some have been thrown out of their homes, some will stop schooling maybe forever. I hope none of this has happened but it has.

I do not want to blame because no mistake has been made. I want to cry out loud that someone needs to think. Love is tempting I have heard that we do the most stupid things when we are in love and that is very okay. Conceiving at an early age or out of marriage is mostly termed as a mistake so that makes me a mistake, now imagine 4000 more mistakes made by 8000 people? Maybe not 8000 but more. These 8000 people have parents, people who look up to them, siblings, friends, the school they attend, neighbours, community and nation. This means that if it is a mistake it has been made to affect a lot of people directly and indirectly. I do not know what we should call it but not a mistake… Maybe one of those stupid things love can make you do too right?

Please take care, the void that these stupid things leave in us is heartbreaking. You do not have to avoid doing them because that is what love is all about but you need to embrace each one of them and take full responsibility. Trust me, you will always have a shoulder to lean on when you make that ‘mistake’ in the right mind. It might not be your parents but you will definitely find a way out that is not abortion nor dejection. These two will eat you up your whole life. I am sure there are days my mom and dad never sleep thinking about what on earth they did to me and meeee? This is my daily cup of coffee it runs, walks and behaves with me. Before you realize it, it is not 16000 people, it is a whole nation that needed to embrace simple acts of infatuation, immaturity and love.

Conceiving out of marriage might Biblically, societally or morally wrong but think about it what does it do to a life that has not even seen the contents within the world? We are young and old, with or without money, making choices for the sake of our children’s well being. Do something for me though… Once these 4000 kids grow up, explain it to them make them understand that they are not a mistake, free them from this destruction and let them choose and accept what has befallen them as normality. Only then will they learn to fight for others, to take care of themselves, to embrace love and to love who they are.

Meanwhile, it is not easy to raise a child while still a child. Please also understand that family is very crucial, sometimes we may not be able to have both of our parents but we will always understand when we are told the truth. It may hurt for the first time but eventually, it frees us. Do not throw your kids because of this, you are busy cursing your own generation. Where do you want them to go? hell? Then at least wait for them to die. You are not God, you are a parent and your duty is to love unconditionally that child you are chasing away.  There is no love in rejecting the ones we love.

Please take care, love, do not hurt and whenever you do take responsibility. It is not a mistake it is 16000 and above blessings! Just embrace these stupid things we do for love. And let them be born, born in a world of love.

photo of newly born baby
Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. on Pexels.com






5 Days.


I am not letting this pass lol… It has been 5 days since I started working at a very great and amazing pharmacy… To be honest, I was not up for this , I did not want to work, I wanted to rest during this pandemic, to have time away from any school-related business, to work on myself, my blog, dance and sleeeeeeep but here I am waking up to go ton work anyway. Even in the midst of my wining , this has been one of the best experiences in this period.

I have had the best and the worst days too but the worst ones could be the best ones after all. Working in a pharmacy automatically proves to you that there is so much that you need to know besides the active ingredients within a drug, their different strengths and dosage. It has nothing to knowing where Over The Counter section, POM,GSL or DDAs are. In a nut shell there is more to the mere knowledge we access in school . That the contents of a pharmacy are not only drugs but also anything else that will attract patients and persuade them in. Retail/community  pharmacy is also a business remember so you need to be as unique and as attractive as possible . You do not sometimes get customers because of your drug pricing but also because of how well you have displayed your products  are and the creativity with which you have used. ” I did not know I could get beauty products within a pharmacy or let alone chocolates” . I have realised that healthcare is general it is both health and beauty and also medicine.

How you communicate with your customers matters a lot ; it could either bring them back or chase them forever. There are very different types of customers yet you have to accommodate each one of them and leave them happy and content by the time they leave the pharmacy. I am not very good with people especially if i am pressured to treat them nicely but in this case I have had to overcome most of my weaknesses. I am more confident and understand that people are very different because our roots and environments are also very different you simply have to adapt .

woman wearing face mask at pharmacy
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

There are also different buyers when it comes to drugs so you have to be quite observant . Some comes as ever readies : these ones are the frequent buyers of specific drugs within the pharmacy because of long term conditions such as hypertension and cancer , some may have their repeat prescription files within or you could ask new ones to create one so meaning you have to have a scope of the drug you dispense to be able to do that. Some are as and whenevers who will basically buy drugs whenever they need it so you have to be cautious on which exactly do they need; some of them are addicts of those specific drugs .Hoardes are normally those older females with kids, they normally need drugs they can store in their cabinets for future use while reluctants who on the other hand are either scared of medication or have the mentality that they are grown men or women who do not necessarily need drugs to get well; this is oftenly the youths and you have to follow up on them to make sure they take their medication and finish their dosage.

woman talking on phone
Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

Making callllllls is a daily routine to either make orders for new supplies or call patients to pick up their medication. Phone call etiquette has been my current lesson I am slowly adopting in to my daily conversations. Everytime we do not have a certain product you have to request the customer to allow you to make an order for them from your supplier before making referrals to ensure their satisfaction. Yes and finally filing invoices lol on a daily basis but this is the only thing I enjoy as a second year Pharmacy student  I am not farmiliar with almost all drugs except masks nor their active ingredients . Tat has been my daily assignments yet I am still grasping nothing as much as I am enjoying the whole experience.

My preceptor is the bestttt and I have amazing colleagues I look up to ;they are so done with school and have so much content in one brain ; everyday I listen to them I am more hopeful more optimistic   I will graduate get a good job and become an amazing pharmacist who loves her work.

I am volunteering to learn so should you.

Stay safe and take care. Day 6 is here.

brown and green grass field during sunset
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My life as a pharmaceutical drug.

medication pills isolated on yellow background
Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

My name is Medication I have been raised and bred with dreams and passion to bring smiles on peoples faces. I have also made some lose their lives and  go astray because of too much addiction on me. In my success, I have also failed. I have shed tears of joy and sorrow while struggling with an urge to salvage humans from their daily suffering. I am that person who will endure even the deadliest tests to perfectly allow people to undergo proper diagnosis,cure,treatment and protection against their body system invasion.

When I was born , My parents traditionally named me Herb and later changed to Medication and Drug because they found it suit for me to acquire an English name to be able to interact with the rest of the world properly. I later on , my younger siblings moved to other countries like China, Egypt and India. And that is how I have been able to accomplish some of my greatest passions .It is a long journey but for the far I have reached I am very grateful.

I have learned that life is not all about me , it is about those I was sent to battle for . There have been times that I almost gave up trying to save a life, wipe a tear and bring a smile to a group of researchers trying to find my full potential. Many of their tests have failed only because of my introversion and inability to speak up for myself. But thanks to each one of them I have accomplished a higher percentage of my dreams, however, some of my closest friends have made me cry so many times , they have taken advantage of me and used me more than they should to them I have become an addiction , a poison and an obsession. No one really heals from love or any form of attachment that was betrayed , and that is the biggest loss of my life, betraying my closest allies , the people I daily fight for have not been able to handle me. They have continuously abused and misused my shear kindness and now I am fighting all I can to gain the trust of the friends I lost together with those I have left. I hope they heal.

My biggest wins have been life changing. Everyday I encourage each of my friends to never give up, become more curious about the human body and find different mechanisms with which we can help them  become healthier happy humans full of love for each other. My friends are amazing they are the greatest gems I could treasure for a life time.In a human body which is where my passion lies, I have strode their; digestive system, cardiovascular system central nervous system, muscles, joints, eyes, the respiratory system ,the endocrine system,the reproductive system,the skin, the immune system, human nutritional behaviours and requirements and traced all disorders within the human body. There have been mistakes that my friends and I have made but I have not ceased from my dreams until I meet all my friends and bring victory to human health.

Cheers to my antipyretic friends for reducing fever , analgesics for bringing relief to human pain,antimalarials for fighting against the anopheles enemy,antibiotics for curing and preventing all invasion by stubborn bacteria and categorically to  mood stabilizers, hormone replacements, oral contraceptives, stimulants and tranquilizers. I am very grateful. I hope we serve the human race to our last breathe. I also hope they understand that we whatsoever never wish to betray them , that love is not an obsession it is a great feeling that oughts to result into something great not death or any form of abuse. I hope they understand that we love them so much that is why we always measure how much they should use us and whenever it is right for us to be there for them we always avail ourselves. We are not selfish we care, I personally care because I am Medication.

photo of sliced orange citrus fruits
Photo by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.com

My fellow immune supplements have worked so hard during this period of the pandemic. I would like to pass my sincere apologies to all humans for being a stupid introvert that could not speak up. I have drained their brains day and night trying to  find a solution for this. I am sorry for all the tears the world has shed, the lost lives that will never be recovered,the emotional turmoil that this will leave behind. But always remember I might not be able to talk it all out I will always be here for you even in the times of distress. I will be right here. I am your only medication because that is the name I was given.

hand touching glass
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Some little pretty confessions

two brown hen and one red rooster
Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

16th of March  Kenya declares the first corona virus case in the country and on the Same day  I’m having like 3 Pharmacy cats on a Monday…..  I’m excited because I don’t want to do the cats…  Thinking they’ll probably be postponed to further notice but oh noo I still find myself in an exam room sitting for some shit I’ve not read for lol… But for real… Does it always have to this serious, is taking breaks always considered a worn out?  Or despair?…

At the end of 16th March we’re all required to leave school by 3pm the next day…. I’m happy  ecstatic  exciiiiitteeeeeed….  I’m finally heading to western to see my cousins to see my grandma and grandpa to eat good ugali with granny’s manaaaaaguuuuu  spiced With fresh milk…  Ooooh I couldn’t wait to call and ask for transport fee. ” Please come to Nairobi when you close school this week”.

So on 17th, I travelled to Nairobi,  the cit of corona,  saaaaaad very sad I had been longing for home for the longest time and one text ruined everything but I still had to give in. Not everything will go your way so learn to adapt to each one of them. That was the spirit.

Before I left school I had a flu, cold or caügh  so beforehand I got some medication to avoid being a suspect of corona at the place I was going.  But obviously it happened, I was quarantined for three fuuuuun days no handshake no facing each other no eating on the same table.  It was during this period that I learned how much health is valued and that  they’d rather treat you as a queen than risk themselves from contracting the infection.  I ate gooooood yummy food brought right in my with their face facing the other side to avoid my breath was fun but I felt Bad at some point…  Enslaved and dejected……..  Unwillingly isolated  …. Even though I’m introverted, such treatments get somewhere in your head and eat you…  I obviously felt like running away and going home anyone would recommend that….  But thank God I was corona negative… Still chilling for positive….  And life went on normally

I  got a  “job “later at a very good pharmacy….  I’m a second year so obviously that’s not a job you’d call it volunteer by learning……  So yeah…… Been two days and I don’t regret. Corona is so real by the way….  it’s serious but it’s weird how it still costs money for a global pandemic why are masks being sold?  And at various prices not on the basis of effectiveness but on the basis of class….  A mask worth 1600 is the most effective one while a literally show off mask is worth 150. Meaning only those who can afford can survive….  But to be honest..  Life has a way of doing things…  It will choose how to deal with this one too.

Condoms have gone out of sale….

Yes that’s the last thing.

Stay safe.  I’m still in Nairobi missing home af.  This too shall pass.  I’ve learnt to adapt.